• Depression, anxiety
  • Fear /phobia of social situations, panic attacks
  • Problems in social relationships
  • End of a relationship, divorce
  • Alcohol/ other substance abuse and other addictions
  • Losing a loved one or dealing with sickness in the family
  • Trauma related to sexual abuse or other forms of violence

My name is Sari Mattila, and I am a solution focused therapist and registered nurse. I have several years of experience working with people going through difficult perioids in their lives, and in recent years , I have specialized in working with people coming from different cultures. I currently work as a crisis worker at violence and crisis intervention unit, where I particularly deal with issues such as honor violence and sexual abuse.

My private practice is open outside office hours: you can book me for private counselling sessions on evenings and weekends. In the sessions, we first aim to identify and name the feelings and thoughts you are experiencing. The aim of Solution- Focused Therapy is to find concrete solutions to negative or unproductive patterns of behavior or feelings. SFT can help you in a very concrete way, by providing tools to help you deal with difficult situations and feelings. Also, therapy allows you to be heard exactly the way you want to be heard- without passing judgment. SFT can be very empowering: you are the subject, not the object of your life.

Problems and hardship is part of everyone`s life, but you choose how to deal with them. 

As your therapist, I want to help you build a more meaningful and better life. You don`t have to have mental problems to seek therapy. Most people experience perioids in their life, where they would significantly benefit from talking to a professional. Sometimes we need an outsider to see things clearly. In therapy, we focus on your future, and only visit your past to learn from it.

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